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Here, we invite you to explore a curated collection aimed at nurturing and empowering both personal and organizational inclusive leadership practices. Our foundation is firmly grounded in principles of Human Equity, Cultural Equity, pro-inclusion, and anti-racism. This collaborative space is open-source, crowdsourced, and continuously evolving. Your contribution to sharing this platform amplifies its impact.

As you engage with these materials, our aspiration is that you embark on a transformative journey towards discovering a culturally authentic creative practice; a creative practice rooted in advancing humanity. We hope this leadership exploration guide you in aligning with your purpose and achieving our collective Human Equity goals.

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We invite  Black, Indigenous, Caribbean, African, Women of Colour to submit your research, personal essays,  cultural identity stories -your travel wellness, cultural travel and cultural leadership expert contributions to be featured in the KDPM Equity Institute. We would love to hear from you! 

Remembering ubumuntu; 

{ubumuntu means "To be human" }"Ubumuntu (pronounced oo‚Äďboo‚Äďmoo‚Äďnoo) is a Kinyarwanda¬†(Rwanda's ancestral language) means ‚Äúto be human,‚ÄĚ carrying a similar meaning to the word Ubuntu. Ubumuntu is to be humane: to genuinely care about others, to be generous and kind, to show empathy, to be sympathetic to the plight of others, and to recognize the humanity of others."¬†source: Dr. Sela Muyoka Musundi

until then, keep leading with ubumuntu, keep leading with the generosity of your heart

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