Battle To Belong: Blackness, Culture and Identity: What I Learned On My Journey To Belonging

black experience media & news articles psychological safety Mar 15, 2023
 It's been two weeks since we launched Volume 1 of the LEAP To Equity With Action bi-weekly newsletter and over 1000 potential LEAP to Equity Culture Creators joined us and today as I write this newsletter, we have over 1600 subscribers! Thank you for joining us - I am blown away by your support and look forward to our and sharing more as we launch our Equity Impact Program. This week's newsletter comes from my personal journey. I talk quite a bit about self-leadership and the role in plays in creating cultural change. As we think about this year's theme around Embracing Equity, at KDPM Group, our commitment to SDG #3 {Good Health and Well-Being} and #5 {Gender Equity} through our mission on intersectional gender and human equity continues.


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