Our Cultural Communion | Vol. 2 | Creating A Culture Of Equity Through Psychologically Safe Workplaces

black experience cultural communion cultural equity psychological safety Sep 19, 2023
I have had a beautiful week with the launch of the KDPM Equity Institute. We have been celebrating with a multi-day event centred on the Equity work, concepts and amazing people in the equity space. 
As part of our Expert Series, I was so privileged to get to do a deep dive with our Guest Expert Natacha Pennycooke, a Registered Psychotherapist, Coach and Leader in Workplace Mental Health. 
We spoke about creating psychologically safe workplaces for Black female employees, and the benefits to the company beyond the experiences of individual employees as well. 
We did a deep dive into the concept this week on our Instagram page. Catch it HERE if you missed it.
On LinkedIn, we put together the concepts of Psychological Safety & Well being in the Workplace, Cultural Equity and what needs to change in our approaches to Equity Work. 




If you are interested in learning more about cultural equity and Psychological Safety and Wellness in the Workplace, then you or your organization can learn more about creating safer workplaces for employees and how a Psychologically Safe workplace can benefit your business on the whole. 
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