Our Cultural Communion | Vol. 5 | Having Hard Conversations

cultural communion cultural equity Nov 10, 2023

I know that many of you may not have the answer for how are you and one of the questions I have been replacing this question with is

'how can I add value?”
Like many of you, I have been making space to listen to leaders, and help them to understand their level of psychological safety, so that they can add value and better support employees who may be directly and indirectly impacted by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. 
While I know it’s important to challenge people sometimes, here are some tools to add to your perspective-taking conversation toolkit:
As we increase our emotional capacity to have “Yes and” conversations about the ongoing colonization, genocide, ethnic cleansing and murder of  the people of Congo, Haiti, Palestinian and Israel, we keep asking, “What don't I know?”
“We want to challenge the framing of the narrative, not the people. We haven’t developed the tools to deal with the social media we created.” 
It is also important to deepen our understanding of the impact of social media on creating discord, further negating compassionate spaces for communities in conflict. 
We haven’t developed the emotional agility and critical thinking needed for “Yes and” conversations.



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